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NewsIntroducing Aura, our collection of lining fabrics
Sample fabric based on a classic print of Vail.

Introducing Aura, our collection of lining fabrics

At Officine Paladino, we’re constantly looking to modernise and refresh classic tailoring and suiting. These include developing and adding new qualities to sustainably-produced fabrics to new solutions that create better customer experiences. Our latest addition to the Paladino family is our first collection of lining fabrics, that’s available for order right now.

The Aura collection comprises 69 different looks, with different prints and patterns in assorted colours specially developed by us with an Italian design partner. With Aura, you can now create a full Paladino suit, using our wool or cotton fabrics with our exclusive lining designs to match.

Various prints inspired by Japanese and Native American culture

The complete range of lining fabrics includes a diversity of culture and references that inspired the Officine Paladino team.

The Inspiration

The idea behind creating a range of lining fabrics started as early as our first collection. For many suiting aficionados who prefer an outwardly classic style of suiting, the inner lining of a blazer or suit jacket is where they can express their personality freely.

However, lining designs tend towards the plain and simple, or focus on classic prints such as traditional paisley and stripes. For the modern man who prefers an individual style that connotates his taste and passions, we decided to work on something more refreshing.

Taking reference from current trends, the Aura collection features prints and patterns that range from modern takes of paisley prints to trending events in popular culture such as cryptocurrency, NFTs and vintage fashion. Florals, comic strips and even vintage art prints are a mix of the playful and whimsical style you can expect.

Aura fabric sample featuring vintage Japanese samurai art.

This Osaka Blues OP 124 fabric features a print of vintage Japanese samurai art.

Why choose viscose?

To create this collection, we considered using various fabrics but finally opted for a 100% viscose produced in Italy. Viscose is an all-natural,  cellulose-based vegan fabric that’s produced from wood pulp and is therefore biodegradable and highly sustainable. It’s been used in clothing for over 100 years and is highly valued because of its similar qualities to silk and other fine fabric materials such as wool and cotton.

Viscose fabrics have a natural sheen but can be treated to give a matte appearance. Depending on how it’s woven, it can be textured or smooth, lightweight or heavy. 100% viscose feels very similar to silk, with a semi-transparent and glossy look. It also absorbs colours well, ensuring that these prints will not fade over time. It’s also a durable fabric with natural stretch, that will allow you ease of movement and breathability even in the height of summer.

Our Aura collection is now available for order by tailors. To see the complete collection, check out our site or order a sample box from us directly.

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