Cotton & Linen

Everything Starts
With The Fabric

We add to our MONDO Collection a fine range of Italian Cotton & Linen in contemporary and classic colours. Our cotton selection includes worsted cotton, gabardine quality with stretch and denim. Pure linen and wool linen complete the collection.

Cotton & Linen are essentials in a gentleman’s wardrobe. We have curated a collection that allows comfort, versatility and timeliness and yet excites with varied colors, weights and compositions.

We continue to showcase our collection with a selection of our looks and styles inspired by the modern gentleman. Use the Styling Tool at OfficinePaladino.con to create your own look from different parts of the collection and realize them with your trusted sartorial partners.

This is your moment,
made to measure

wool & linen / 240gms

Nils wears a MONDO Dijon
safari linen jacket with
MONDO Dune wool linen pants

All denim look with
MONDO Ocean Denim
jacket and MONDO Spruce Denim pants

cotton / 250gms
denim stretch / 370gms
denim / 380gms
m o r e m o r e m o r e m o r e m o r e m o r e

A design created
to excite people

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