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TrendsAdd peach to your wardrobe in 2024 to stand out
OP2556 Peach is a Super 130s herringbone pattern fabric similar to Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s Colour of the Year. Panama hat by Hat of Cain.

Add peach to your wardrobe in 2024 to stand out

Every year in December, Pantone Colour Systems announces their Colour of the Year, which spotlights a particular shade as next year’s trending colour. Choosing this colour is a complex process with a global team of colour experts from Pantone combing every industry for colour influences. They consider every aspect of a colour down to its psychological value.

In 2023, the Colour of the Year was Viva Magenta, a colour that represented strength, verve and richness in life, and audaciousness. Coming out of a global pandemic, this was a colour to inspire. 2024’s Colour of the Year is Peach Fuzz, a warm and gentle peach tone that expresses warmth, comfort, compassion. It’s youthful yet timeless, refreshing and calming.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024 is Peach Fuzz.

Peach is a soothing colour that’s eye-catching yet unassuming. Used in tailoring, it’s an excellent colour that makes a statement without being overwhelming. It carries connotations of spring and summer time but in a relaxed and joyful way. It’s refreshing to look at and has longevity – you won’t tire of this colour anytime soon.

Suitably Styled

Our recently launched Suitably Styled collection of fine wool fabrics features a peach herringbone weave fabric, OP2556 Peach that we specially curated. The beautiful material is excellent as a full suit, or as separates and worn as a broken suit. The peach hue stands out even more in sunlight as the herringbone reveals its texture to the eye.

A model wears a peach herringbone wool fabric from Officine Paladino, OP2556.

OP2556 Peach suits skin tones of all types and can be easily worn as a full suit or as separates.

The peach fabric is compatible with all types of skin tones, as it’s a neutral colour. Worn as a full suit, we’ve chosen to stick to the classics – a pristine white shirt and dressy loafers, with optional accessories such as a Panama hat (main image, courtesy of Hat of Cain).

Worn as a broken suit and separates, peach can be paired with several colours, starting with light grey, gentle browns or light blues. Eggshell and other neutral tones also go well with peach. It’s therefore an excellent choice and can be worn with a number of other staple fabric colours that most people have in their wardrobe.

OP2551 Geller combines a glen plaid in light brown with a darker peach windowpane check.

OP2551 Geller combines a glen plaid in light brown with a darker peach windowpane check.

If going full peach is too much for you at this time, however, there’s no need to dive in blindly. Dip your toes with OP2551 Geller, which is a beige glen plaid fabric with an overlaying windowpane check in dark peach. The Super 130s is a comfortable and stylish choice for extended springs and summers. The neutral beige colour pairs easily with a variety of colours as shirts, tees, or knitwear, depending on the season.

We’ve also used a dark peach colour for the underside of our OP2528 Cabriole Solaro-style fabric, which uses a particular method of weaving to create a two-toned effect that’s best seen in daylight. OP2528 Cabriole is designed for summer wear in style and function, and also pairs easily with blues, greys, and even pinks thanks to its underside colouring.

OP2221 Tokyo Pink features a check pattern in a pink that’s similar to peach.

OP2221 Tokyo Pink features a check pattern in a pink that’s similar to peach.

Peach Alternatives

From our Jacketing Redefined collection, we’ve also introduced a few fabrics with colours that are in the same family as Peach Fuzz. O2221 Tokyo Pink is a grey wool, silk, and linen blend fabric with a light pink check pattern that’s a little more vivid than peach. The lightweight and comfortable fabric is best used for jacketing material, either as a formal or casual look.

OP2318 Erika Pink is a silk, linen, and wool fabric with a textured effect that’s the colour of an overripe peach. It’s also an ideal option for lightweight jacketing, perfect for warmer weather with its relaxed fit and weave. Finally, OP2313 Gaudi uses a similar ripe peach hue in a glen plaid pattern, for a statement jacketing material that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention.

To see how these fabrics would look as a suit or pair with other fabrics, use our Styling Tool to create your own suit today. You can check out these fabrics in our latest lookbook or learn more about them in our Styling Guide. Feel free to contact us if you have additional queries on our new wool fabrics or would like to purchase these lookbook for your reference.

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