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Officine Paladino is a purveyor of exquisite fabric for the modern gentleman. We curate the best menswear fabrics and styles to help you tailor a wardrobe that follows your life journey in a fast-paced and evolving world.

Join us in reinterpreting the rules of suiting today.

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At Officine Paladino, our values guide our work, which starts at the source of our fabrics.

Our fabric curation is inspired by how we live, work and play today, and how a tailored garment allows us to express ourselves freely.

Weaving our stylistic inspirations with technical know-how, we develop exclusive designs and qualities with our partner mills.

Each fabric is uniquely selected to ensure comfort, versatility and timeliness, regardless of the season or occasion.

Let us provide you with the materials to stitch your individual style.

This is Your Moment, Made to Measure

Quality and longevity are central to our fabrics – a garment made with our cloth will last decades!

Each fabric is painstakingly developed in renowned mills in Italy and the United Kingdom using only the finest raw materials.

Our team works closely with the mills to optimize the spinning, weaving and finishing of exclusive fabrics for our collection, many of which are imbued with innovative qualities such as water and even stain resistance.

We also consider the preferences of our tailor partners, ensuring each quality has a unique handle and is flexible to work with.

We truly believe that “Everything Starts with the Fabric”

We appreciate that tailoring may be daunting and challenging for some. Our tailor partners will be able to expertly guide you through each stage, and we have also developed additional tools to facilitate your journey.

Our collections are presented in lookbooks that showcase the modern language of menswear today. We have some fun putting this together and hope you enjoy our stylistic inspirations!

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Why imagine what your suit may look like when you can see it? Use our digital Styling Tool to visualize your final garment from our entire range of fabrics and realize them with your trusted sartorial partners. Share your styles and join us in reinterpreting the rules of suiting. #IAMPaladino

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Stay up to date on tailoring and menswear trends with Per Suit, a guide to bespoke suiting today. Learn about fabrics and what it takes to make a great suit.


Sustainability and social responsibility are core tenets of our brand and what we believe in as individuals.

We are proud to be advocates of the tailoring industry which produces long-lasting, practical yet stylish garments. Tailoring is a perennial and long-lived tradition that promotes a circular way of living.

We work only with mills that source wool from farms committed to animal welfare, biodiversity and sustainability, with full traceability and transparency. We do not use synthetic fibres in any of our products.

We have optimized our supply chain, producing fabrics in batches to reduce waste and maintain a minimal carbon footprint in the production and transportation of our fabric.

We are committed stakeholders and strive to consistently do better. Since 2020, we’ve pledged 1% of our proceeds towards regenerative efforts.

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