This green jacket is made with Emerald OP 2120. | Officine Paladino

Going green in style

Green has been trending in menswear for a few years now. As we have discovered, the versatility of this color makes it a great option across the board. It’s a color that says you’re not afraid to stand out, but you’ll also blend in just fine.

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This pencil stripe suit is made with Kingsman OP 2187. | Officine Paladino

Dressing down the pinstripe power suit

The pinstripe suit is often called the power suit, because of its association in film and television. Lawyers, CEOs and mafia figures wear pinstripes. However, today’s suiting trends call for a more casual style. As such, the power suit may no longer be a flex, but it remains a great look.

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The latest updates to our Per-suit from Officine Paladino

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