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NewsExplore new wool-blend fabrics from our Cielo collection
A wool and cotton blend fabric, OP2307 Coffee Bean, made into a zip-up jacket by Officine Paladino.

Explore new wool-blend fabrics from our Cielo collection

At Officine Paladino, we’re constantly developing new fabrics that are timeless yet trendy. As menswear continues to evolve with our ever-changing lifestyles, we are refreshing our collections with new options that vary in design, weave and yarn types to keep up with the latest trends. Our latest lookbook, Jacketing Redefined, showcases a new range of Cielo wool-blend fabrics designed for casual and formal jackets, along with tailoring ideas to expand your personal style.

Jacketing Redefined features 40 wool-blend fabrics and 4 cotton options with a wide variety of designs, colours, and textures. (Check out this article to learn more about the different types of wool-blend fabrics.) Most are made with a looser weave and therefore suitable for tailoring as vests or jackets, but a select few can be made into full suits. 

Officine Paladino's Jacketing Redefined lookbook for wool-blend fabrics.

Officine Paladino’s Jacketing Redefined lookbook for wool-blend fabrics features 44 new fabrics under our Cielo collection.

Designed for casual or formal wear

Our new fabrics are inspired by changing environments in work and leisure today. They are meant to free you from constraint and allow you to go from one occasion to another easily. By combining different yarns, we offer you the best qualities each has to offer, depending on your personal style.

The last few years have had a lasting impact on menswear. Vintage fashion styles are making a comeback, as well as the mixing of casual and formal looks. Irregular climates mean that it’s more convenient to wear light layers and adjust accordingly, than stay with heavy coats and jackets for cold seasons and light ones for warm weather.

Taking into account all of these trends and behaviours, we’ve created a comprehensive range of looks using our Jacketing Redefined fabrics. Tailored Harrington jackets, shackets, and double-breasted blazers are just a few of the different designs we’ve created. These are all menswear staples, improved with our Cielo wool-blend fabrics and tailored to fit you perfectly.

A classic blazer made with OP2404 Erasmus, a wool and linen fabric by Officine Paladino.

A classic blazer made with OP2404 Erasmus, a wool and linen fabric by Officine Paladino.

Classic designs with a twist

The Jacketing Redefined collection has a wide range of wool-blend fabric designs that distill some of the trends in menswear today into fabrics that will remain elegant decades from now. These include two-toned plain fabrics with yarns in different colours to create a subtle tonal effect and increasingly popular micro-check patterns such as the one on our OP2404 Erasmus fabric shown above.

There are also classic glen plaid or gunclub patterns that have been audaciously worked in colours like pink and orange. These lively colours breathe new life into typically formal patterns that tend to appear in more sombre hues.

OP 2222 Java is a high wool composition fabric from Officine Paladino.

OP2222 Java is a high wool composition fabric from Officine Paladino.

More styling suggestions

To show you just how versatile our Jacketing Redefined fabrics are, we’ve added extra styling suggestions and tips for each look we’ve created. Check out our digital style guide on our website, and start selecting our new Cielo fabrics for your next tailored look.

Explore our complete range of wool, silk and linen blend fabrics in our collection. Feel free to contact us if you have further queries on the types of qualities different wool-silk-linen blend fabrics have as well. Or reach out to a tailor near you to learn about the different fabric mixes and what will suit your style best. 

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