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TrendsHow to wear: Prints and Patterns
The Shadow Pane wool fabric complements Poppy Fields from our Aura lining range.

How to wear: Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are how you can step away from classic solid-colour suiting and add some variety to your personal style. However, while many prefer to stick with simple, matching styles in a full suit, it can be seen as repetitive or old-school. Here are some simple guidelines to find your own look with the right suiting prints or designs.

Method 1: Mix, Don’t Match

The most convenient rule in suiting is to keep everything matching. However, when it comes to patterns, designs or prints, that isn’t the only way to dress. Mixing prints up adds variety to your look. Combining patterned fabrics with solid colours or with other prints gives the eye a different point of focus. By playing with different designs, shapes or styles, you create a suit that stands out.

Method 2: Match, but not precisely

Wearing the same style of pattern but not in the same format also works. For example, regular checks and micro-checks are very complementary when it comes to being paired together. Take our combination above, using a windowpane Shadow Pane OP 2021 fabric with Poppy Fields OP 127 from our Aura collection. They both feature square checks, but in different sizes, that add depth to the look.

Blarney Stone OP 2102 contrasts nicely with Macaw OP 143.

The Blarney Stone OP 2102 wool fabric from our Eco-Evolution range makes a great suit jacket with the Macaw OP 143 Aura lining.

Method 3: Different patterns, similar colours

When you’re mixing different patterns and prints, consider picking them from complementary or similar colour ranges. This makes the point of differences between the two designs more prominent, and keeps them from being too jarring, therefore disturbing the eye.  

Method 4: Explore contrasting designs

Using two distinct fabric designs can create a strong contrast that shows off your individual personality. Our pinstripe Blarney Stone OP 2102 wool fabric contrasts fine lines with Macaw OP 143’s nature-based print to create a striking suit. By keeping the main colours of both fabrics similar, that keeps the contrast from being too overwhelming.

Explore combinations freely  

The best way to find the right mix of fabrics is to try them at your tailor. Mix and combine your jacketing, pant and lining fabrics to develop the right style for yourself. Whether you prefer a broken suit or a multi-patterned one, keep our tips in mind when you’re considering what fabrics to pick.

Choose from great cottons in our Cotton and Linen for Everyday or wools from our A Suited Approach and Eco-Evolution lookbooks, and pick your lining designs from our Aura lining range today. Then bring your look to life with one of your partner tailors.

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