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TrendsHow to wear: Brown suits
Worn here as a long coat made with our chocolate brown Hummus OP 2181 fabric. | Officine Paladino

How to wear: Brown suits

The menswear trends of 2022 are wide-ranging, from relaxed tailoring to green as the colour this spring. Mixed in with these were ’90s styles, with lots of brown in outerwear, jackets and pants.

Brown is one of the most versatile colours you should include in your wardrobe. The many shades of brown can turn it from a statement look into a neutral canvas for other pieces to stand out. However, it is a colour that people tend to wear only in certain seasons. Here are some suggestions on how to wear your brown suit well.

Consider a patterned brown fabric like our water-repelling Latte OP 2152. | Officine Paladino

Consider a patterned brown fabric for your next jacket or suit. Shown here is our water-repelling Latte OP 2152.

Choose a patterned fabric

For a standout jacket or suit in brown, one that makes a striking statement of your individual style, pick a fabric with a pattern. A glen plaid or tweed, or houndstooth or dogstooth pattern is recognisable and always trendy.

We’ve got a wide range of brown patterned fabrics for you to choose from. Russet OP 2043 is a fine Super 120’s herringbone in a walnut brown. A range of glen plaids, from Pecan OP 2048 to Latte OP 2152 (shown above) are available. For a microcheck design, try Walnut OP 2107.

A richer russet brown like Hayseed OP 2165 can be paired with equally bold colours, such as Normanton OP 2163. | Officine Paladino

A richer russet brown like Hayseed OP 2165 can be paired with equally bold colours, such as Normanton OP 2163.

Experiment with colour schemes

The typical colour wheel helps us understand how to improve your style. Rather than stick with monochromatic style (dressing only in shades of brown), consider a triadic or complementary colours. Add a neutral base such as gray, and you can wear it with a more vibrant brown, along with other colours such as blue for a stronger statement.

Dark brown is a warm colour, and thus is complementary to greens and blues which are cool colours. But it can also work with other warm tones such as yellow, orange and reds in a lighter shade. Or if you should pick a taupe or light brown, that’s a neutral base for stronger hues to stand out against.

Style savant and suiting expert Fabio Attanasio

Style savant and suiting expert Fabio Attanasio, in a Sandcastle OP 1901 suit.

If brown is missing from your range of suits, wait no longer. It’s no longer considered an informal colour, and its versatility means you can wear it all year round, whether you’re in the office or headed for an evening out. Create your own signature brown suit using our Styling Tool and get it tailored with one of our partners today.

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