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Man wearing a lightweight wool unlined jacket.

How To Choose The Right Suit Fabric For Hot And Humid Weather

Suiting can be a drag when the seasons start to change or if you live in the tropics. As summers get longer and monsoons get wetter, keeping yourself suited and sharply dressed takes effort and expertise. We spoke with summer suiting experts — Sicilian farmers who stay fully suited even in 42℃ weather — to learn the tricks of dressing in hot or wet weather. If you live in the tropics, here are some tips for your next suit.

Start with natural fibres

When it comes to staying comfortable, the right type of suit fabric matters. Natural fibres allow the skin to breathe and air to pass through the weave. In comparison, synthetic fibres prevent moisture from passing through, keeping sweat trapped on your skin and causing discomfort and irritation.

Lightweight wool plain weave fabrics are ideal for hot and humid weather.

Our model wears Biscay OP 2108 plain weave wool fabric pants, that are great for warm or wet weather.

Keep it unlined

A typical canvassed suit consists of a canvas, outer shell fabric and suit lining. To make a suit that’s designed for hot or humid weather, consider an unlined one instead. This means there’s only one layer of fabric in the suit. Using a plain weave, lightweight wool ensures that the suit is comfortable when it’s hot, and choosing a water-resistant fabric ensures your suit still looks sharp when it’s wet out.

The plain weave Italian wools from our Eco-Evolution collection are water-resistant, breathable and lightweight fabrics ideal for warm weather suiting. It also has a great handle so your suit falls exactly as it should, even in an unlined suit.

Linen or cotton fabrics are ideal for hot or humid weather.

Our model wears a bespoke jacket in linen that’s ideal for warm or wet weather, as it is lightweight and breathable.

Consider linen or cotton

Plant fabrics such as cotton, linen or bamboo are light and highly comfortable, as well as breathable. Linen suits are worn in hot European summers and well-suited to hot or humid weather. It is prone to wrinkling, especially in humid weather, and absorbs water heavily when it rains.

A good fabric type that’s well-balanced between linen and wool is cotton. Cotton fabric suits offer sufficient density to handle rain, humid weather, especially if it’s lined, and still remain very breathable and lightweight. 

Our selection of wool, cotton or linen fabrics are designed for your suiting needs, especially in hot or humid weather, severe summers or wet autumns. Try creating your own look using our Styling Tool and realise it with our partner tailors. For more ideas on designing your own tux, check out our lookbooks.

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